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Easter came in threes this year.  Much like last Halloween, we had an activity every day from Friday through Sunday.  There were egg hunts at daycare, the zoo, and home as well.  Rachel really seemed to get into it though.  She picked up on the eggs right away and figured out the whole basket thing as well (although we had to hold it for her initially).  She was particularly cute at the egg hunt at daycare.  She would get an egg and shake it to figure out whether there was candy or stickers inside.  She kept the candy ones of course.  She also went away from where all the other children were so she could have more eggs to herself.  Oh, and most of the eggs had to be purple :-)  It was a gorgeous spring day for the egg hunt at the zoo so the pictures came out pretty good so enjoy.  We didn’t take too many pictures of the one at home since we were both tired in the morning but the kids got plenty of sweets afterwards.  The home eggs were dyed by hand so Rachel had fun drawing on them and dunking them into the dye.  TTFN

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Christmas Videos

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Another update from Christmas, this time with videos!  Rachel had a lot of fun making cookies.  Well, really, just eating them.  She also liked some of her presents pretty well but the whole Christmas concept didn’t really make a lot of sense to her.  We also tried to go sledding with her; but after 30 minutes, she was ready for cocoa and a warm car.  Well, enjoy.


*Video:the most amazing puzzle

*Video:giffy the bouncer

*Video:it's cold outside!


Rachel’s Second Christmas

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Miss Roo Boo was old enough to participate in Christmas activities this year.  She got to cut out and decorate cookies (which mostly meant eating dough, frosting and sprinkles).  She got to stay up and eat our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.  She got bored of opening presents really early, but had fun while she was doing it.  She seemed to enjoy just having people around her most of all.

After Christmas, Robin, Wedge and their son, Julian came to visit.  She had a blast having so many adults around to pick her up whenever she asked and being generally spoiled.  We took the kids up to the snow park for some sledding.  Rae enjoyed going down the hills (with an adult of course), but after about 45 minutes she was done.  She had a lot of trouble walking, probably because she kind of resembled the kid in A Christmas Story.  :)  Thankfully we had a sled to pull her, and the other kids around in.

The first picture is Rae’s kiss face.  While those open mouthed, slobbery kisses had their charm, I am sure glad she figured out how to give real kisses.

She did a lot of growing over the holiday.  She went from having just a handful of words, of which she used one or two regularly, to having about 20 words and using between 5 and 10 of them consistently.  She finally called me Mama, though she still says “Hi Daddy” whenever he gets home from work.  I was the recipient of the first “I love you.” though.  :)

She loves coloring right now.  She has gone from stabbing the paper with the crayon to making real marks.  She still tries to eat the crayons and markers though, so we have to keep an eye on her.

Rae has started playing with Sam, not just next to him.  Most of the time Sam is leading the activities, but Rae is definitely joining in if it looks like fun.


Six Months!

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Rachel took her first plane ride in March. She was a great baby on the plane. She slept most of the plane ride and was all smiles otherwise. She was also a great baby to have with us on vacation. She napped happily in the Ergo when either Mommy or Daddy was wearing her and she slept pretty well in the the hotel rooms. Hopefully she will be this good for our trip down to LA in May.

Shortly after we got back, Rachel turned 6 months old. I’d say she has officially entered the “Happy Baby” phase. She has three levels of smiles, depending on how happy she is. There is a regular smile, a smile with a wrinkled nose, and a smile with a wrinkled nose and her tongue sticking out. I am trying to get pictures of all three, but they are hard to catch on camera. Overall her 6 months photos were hard to get. She loved the pickle though. :) Good thing we have professional portraits scheduled.
[photosmash id=15]

Skills wise, she hasn’t really mastered anything new. She will stand up at a table and play if you put her up there, but she can’t get down without falling so we have to watch her. She is almost sitting entirely on her own and only falls when she gets startled. She still gets tired when she sits for too long, but is figuring out how to lower her self to the ground instead of falling down. She’s sitting well enough that we moved her to the high chair for meals. She has also learned to control her rolls from both her back to her tummy and her tummy to her back. She doesn’t do much rolling, unless it is to get off her tummy, but we know she can do it. We even have video proof!

She will be getting plenty of tummy time soon enough. Rachel transitioned into daycare and started going three days a week on Monday. The first couple of days of transition were rough, but by Friday, she was smiling and having some fun. When Monday rolled around, Daddy was able to drop her off with no problems. On Tuesday, she even let the teachers put her down to play a few times. Her naps and eating schedules are a little off still, but those will even out. There is an active little boy about a month older than her and a very relaxed little girl that is about a month younger than Rae. We’re excited to see if she decides to be friends with either of these two.

Sunday was Easter, of course. We took Rachel to the Bunny Bounce at the Zoo and posed her for pictures on her blanket with some eggs and her Easter basket. She was in a great mood, so I actually got some good pictures this time. On Easter morning, she was greeted with a basket of candy and a new toy. We let her have one Peep to play with. She only ate about one bite of it, but it was fun to watch.
[photosmash id=16]

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First Chrstmas, Sledding, and Three Months

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Rachel’s had a busy few weeks.  She had her first Christmas, including a pretty Christmas dress.  Mostly, she loved having everyone around – she’s totally a people person.

After everyone got better from being sick at Christmas, we took Sam and Rae sledding.  She mostly just stayed in the Ergo carrier, very bundled up, or in the car taking pictures with mom.

And in the new year, Rae turned 3 months old and is starting to laugh!  She is definitely very different than Sam.  She goes to sleep on her own now and is starting to use her hands to self soothe.  She still doesn’t enjoy tummy time (and isn’t rolling yet), but we’ve discovered that milk irritates her reflux, so mom has eliminated that from her diet.  She seems to have started into the drooly, pre-teething stage and is quite good at blowing bubbles. She got a Bumbo for Christmas, and that has vastly improved meal times.  Now she can watch us eat (and interject her opinion on the topic of conversation, too) instead of staring at the ceiling.  We’ve got lots of nicknames for her – Rachel, Rae, Roo, Rachel Roo, and Bubbles.  We’ll see which one sticks.