Potty Numbers

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We went to our orientation at Rachel’s new Montessori school a few weeks ago and were a bit overwhelmed by the expectations they put forth.  The aim is to enable the full potential of the child but the no binky and no stuffy rules are going to be hard on Rachel.  Since then, we’ve started to put into practice some of the rules Rachel will have to follow in a few weeks.  For example, we’re offering to sit down with her or hold her hand rather than pick her up all the time.  We are also changing diapers standing up and letting her try to put on her own shoes.  We’ve also put the training potty top over the toilet.  The thought being Rachel has seen other people use the real toilet but not the training one.  I’m pleased to say that she’s gone potty on the real toiler twice now!  This after a few month of sitting on the training potty with no effect.

Rachel’s also started to repeat back number to us.  If we say 1, she’ll say 2; and so forth up to 4.  She’s also starting to repeat songs that Sam has made up, such as the No song and the I’m a Baby song.  This is probably just mimicry but encouraging all the same.  Our little girl is growing up fast and there will be lots of changes over the next few months.  Here’s hoping we’ll have some terrific twos!


Rachel’s Second Christmas

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Miss Roo Boo was old enough to participate in Christmas activities this year.  She got to cut out and decorate cookies (which mostly meant eating dough, frosting and sprinkles).  She got to stay up and eat our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.  She got bored of opening presents really early, but had fun while she was doing it.  She seemed to enjoy just having people around her most of all.

After Christmas, Robin, Wedge and their son, Julian came to visit.  She had a blast having so many adults around to pick her up whenever she asked and being generally spoiled.  We took the kids up to the snow park for some sledding.  Rae enjoyed going down the hills (with an adult of course), but after about 45 minutes she was done.  She had a lot of trouble walking, probably because she kind of resembled the kid in A Christmas Story.  :)  Thankfully we had a sled to pull her, and the other kids around in.

The first picture is Rae’s kiss face.  While those open mouthed, slobbery kisses had their charm, I am sure glad she figured out how to give real kisses.

She did a lot of growing over the holiday.  She went from having just a handful of words, of which she used one or two regularly, to having about 20 words and using between 5 and 10 of them consistently.  She finally called me Mama, though she still says “Hi Daddy” whenever he gets home from work.  I was the recipient of the first “I love you.” though.  :)

She loves coloring right now.  She has gone from stabbing the paper with the crayon to making real marks.  She still tries to eat the crayons and markers though, so we have to keep an eye on her.

Rae has started playing with Sam, not just next to him.  Most of the time Sam is leading the activities, but Rae is definitely joining in if it looks like fun.


Pre-Christmas Update

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Rachel’s transitioned from an infant to a toddler.  She’s not really even toddling now, running is beginning to take shape.  We were playing chase with Sam the other day and she decided to join in the fun.  She’s also perfecting her run away techniques.  Luckily, she’s still working on curbs so she mostly stays on sidewalks.

Her personality is beginning to emerge as well.  The babbling is becoming words.  She can say everyone’s names, even though “mommy” took the longest.  Her favorite is to put her finger up to her mouth and go shhhh, no idea where that came from.  We’re still working on “up” and food words so she gets frustrated pretty easily.  When she does, she really lets you know it.  The tantrums range from crocodile tears to full blown fall on the ground crying and stomping her feet.  But then she will make up for it with the best hugs and lots of kisses.  I have a feeling she’s training up to be a drama queen.

Sam’s not excluded from her moods either.  Usually they play really well together and Rachel always wants to go into her brother’s room and see what’s going on but they are beginning to fight over the same toys.  We have plenty of toys that are age appropriate for Rachel but she won’t have anything to do with them.  She just wants to be a big girl and do what her brother is doing.  As much as she wants to play Hungry Hungry Hippos, she still puts the perfect choking-sized balls into her mouth.  Speaking of choking, Rachel really wants to eat like a big girl as well.  She really wants to drink from open cups and use utensils.  The other day, she used a spoon to get most of her yogurt to her mouth but the rest ended up in her hair, oh well.

The Christmas tree is up and she’s been surprisingly gentle with everything.  Mostly she just points to the ornaments and coos.  Her favorite mischief seems to be to pull down the stockings along with the five pound stocking hangers.  Luckily, no toddlers or others have been hurt yet.  I wonder what she’ll think of the presents when they come out.  We’re going to bake cookies pretty soon so I’m sure she’ll want to “help.”

Here’s some pictures of the little girl from Halloween and the Pumpkin Patch.


9th and 10th month


I am a slacker and missed posting about her 9th and 10th month.  Actually, we’ve been really busy enjoying the end of the summer, which means we’ve been running around and not at home quite as much.

Rachel has been quite busy growing and learning.  She has learned to crawl fast, climb, and get into everything; pull up; free stand; give up bottles; clap;  point; sign more and all done and play peekaboo.  Her hair is long enough that I can get it into a pigtail here and there (she hates it) and her last growth spurt seems to have been entirely in her feet.  She went from not being able to wear her shoes because they were all too big to not being able to wear three pairs because they were all too small.

She has even started to done some beginning talking, which seems to involve milk (“mah”), dog (“dahg”), Sadie (“adie”), “pretty”, and all done (“ah da”).  We’re just starting to decipher all of it, and she doesn’t do it consistently yet.  She’s getting close and she gets really happy when we seem to figure out what she’s trying to say.  She’s a really good mimic (she copied Sam and I saying “Cock a Doodle, Doo”), so it is hard to tell what is her talking and her mimicking us.

Rae and I went with my mom to my cousins wedding in Wisconsin.  She was an awesome traveler and charmed everyone.  We all had a great time and she finally got to wear one of the beautiful party dresses that Nai Nai has been picking up for her.

At daycare, Rae has been having a lot of fun with the older kids.  Now that she is crawling and climbing, she gets to join them on the concourse and the play equipment out there.  Sadly, the big kids are transitioning out soon, so she will be the oldest.  Hopefully, she will transition into the tots room soon so she can have her big kids to play with again.

I don’t know if it is because she’s a second kid, but she really loves to play with older kids, especially Sam.  If he’s on the floor, she wants to be involved in what he’s doing.  I will often come into a room and find them giggling about something that I clearly don’t get.  She’s toughening up around him, too and will take her lumps (and dish them out).

We’ll have to cover her 11th month and her first birthday soon!  It is exciting and a little bitter sweet.

Finally, here’s some videos to catch you guys up


On to one nap

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Ever since her trip, Rae’s been insisting on one nap a day.  This means about one and a half hours at daycare and then meltdown around 5:30.  She’s also been working on her molar so the crankiness has been a bit high lately.
Today we went to the dog park and then stuck around for Big Day of Play.  There were lots of sports, crafts, and games for the kids sponsored by neighborhood centers and lots of yummies from PCC.  Rae seemed to really enjoy watching Sam play even though she didn’t have much to play with.  She did seem to enjoy her first corn on the cob though, well corn kernels from the cob. When we got home, she took an epic nap and then ate everything on sight.
Of course Sam wanted to go to the park with the zipline so Rae got some more park time.  She really enjoys the wind in her hair, especially in the swing.


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Smiles and Frowns

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Today Rachel completed her second week at daycare.  She’s taking to it like a duck to water.  The first few days were a bit tough and she cried the 2nd Monday as well but now she’s loving life there.  Apparently she really enjoys the buggy rides with the other babies and going to see the aquarium.  She’s also a big hit with Sam’s friends, who come over to her room and ask to see her.  She’s smiling at everyone and having a ball playing with all the new toys, an easel type toy with a mirror is her current fav.

Of course, all of that could be due to us drugging her up with Motrin all night.  She’s got about 4 teeth coming through right now so that’s a bit rough.

We tried to feed her some green beans last night and tonight.  The reaction was taste, taste again, and then frown.  Taste some more just to make sure it’s the same and then start a coughing fit to get it out of he mouth.  If we try to give her more, she turns her head and pretends to play with the chair or her finger or imaginary yummy food.  We have a few more jars of the stuff that we’ll mix with lots of applesauce, then we’re done with green beans.  This is the first thing she hasn’t liked yet.  Carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, bananas, avocado, apples, and spinach have all been approved so far.