Rachel’s Second Christmas

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Miss Roo Boo was old enough to participate in Christmas activities this year.  She got to cut out and decorate cookies (which mostly meant eating dough, frosting and sprinkles).  She got to stay up and eat our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.  She got bored of opening presents really early, but had fun while she was doing it.  She seemed to enjoy just having people around her most of all.

After Christmas, Robin, Wedge and their son, Julian came to visit.  She had a blast having so many adults around to pick her up whenever she asked and being generally spoiled.  We took the kids up to the snow park for some sledding.  Rae enjoyed going down the hills (with an adult of course), but after about 45 minutes she was done.  She had a lot of trouble walking, probably because she kind of resembled the kid in A Christmas Story.  :)  Thankfully we had a sled to pull her, and the other kids around in.

The first picture is Rae’s kiss face.  While those open mouthed, slobbery kisses had their charm, I am sure glad she figured out how to give real kisses.

She did a lot of growing over the holiday.  She went from having just a handful of words, of which she used one or two regularly, to having about 20 words and using between 5 and 10 of them consistently.  She finally called me Mama, though she still says “Hi Daddy” whenever he gets home from work.  I was the recipient of the first “I love you.” though.  :)

She loves coloring right now.  She has gone from stabbing the paper with the crayon to making real marks.  She still tries to eat the crayons and markers though, so we have to keep an eye on her.

Rae has started playing with Sam, not just next to him.  Most of the time Sam is leading the activities, but Rae is definitely joining in if it looks like fun.


On to one nap

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Ever since her trip, Rae’s been insisting on one nap a day.  This means about one and a half hours at daycare and then meltdown around 5:30.  She’s also been working on her molar so the crankiness has been a bit high lately.
Today we went to the dog park and then stuck around for Big Day of Play.  There were lots of sports, crafts, and games for the kids sponsored by neighborhood centers and lots of yummies from PCC.  Rae seemed to really enjoy watching Sam play even though she didn’t have much to play with.  She did seem to enjoy her first corn on the cob though, well corn kernels from the cob. When we got home, she took an epic nap and then ate everything on sight.
Of course Sam wanted to go to the park with the zipline so Rae got some more park time.  She really enjoys the wind in her hair, especially in the swing.


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