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First Chrstmas, Sledding, and Three Months

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Rachel’s had a busy few weeks.  She had her first Christmas, including a pretty Christmas dress.  Mostly, she loved having everyone around – she’s totally a people person.

After everyone got better from being sick at Christmas, we took Sam and Rae sledding.  She mostly just stayed in the Ergo carrier, very bundled up, or in the car taking pictures with mom.

And in the new year, Rae turned 3 months old and is starting to laugh!  She is definitely very different than Sam.  She goes to sleep on her own now and is starting to use her hands to self soothe.  She still doesn’t enjoy tummy time (and isn’t rolling yet), but we’ve discovered that milk irritates her reflux, so mom has eliminated that from her diet.  She seems to have started into the drooly, pre-teething stage and is quite good at blowing bubbles. She got a Bumbo for Christmas, and that has vastly improved meal times.  Now she can watch us eat (and interject her opinion on the topic of conversation, too) instead of staring at the ceiling.  We’ve got lots of nicknames for her – Rachel, Rae, Roo, Rachel Roo, and Bubbles.  We’ll see which one sticks.