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5 months old

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Rae turned 5 months old at the beginning of March.  She grabs anything in her reach and puts it in her mouth.  She even tried to grab the camera when I took her 5 month pictures. She’s turning into a fun, happy baby that loves to explore her world.  The video is of her laughing, which is maybe one of the cutest things in the world.

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In past couple of weeks, Rae had a huge developmental leap!  She learned to hold her own bottle, move around in her exersaucer, sit while propped up with a toy, started solid food, got her first and second teeth, and will stand if you hold just one of her hands.  She’s also starting to discover her feet and legs.  She’s really close to rolling onto her tummy from her back and now can really control her roll from her tummy to her back.  Just today, she reached for and successfully grabbed a toy in front of her while she was on her tummy.
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Rae and Sam are starting to play together, particularly when she’s in her exersaucer.  The other night he was ringing a bell and giggling and had Rae giggling along with him.  Between her desire to play with her brother, her need to touch everything she sees, and the huge developmental leaps, it seems that we will have a very busy little girl on our hands in no time!

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