Little Drummer Girl

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Rachel’s been really expanding her vocabulary, both what she can say and what she can understand.  We went over all the body parts yesterday and she loves to point out your nose to you.  That and peek-a-boo are some of her favorite games when she’s not doodling, which she calls draw.  She’s also decided that she has to have a coat and hat when she leaves home and school.  She also has decided that her daily report from school is her ticket out so she won’t give it up until she’s safely in the car.  We’re trying to figure out how to break her of those habits but it’s going to be tough, she knows what she wants and will let you know when she doesn’t get it.  The crying tantrums and stomping feet are starting early, hopefully this stage will pass quickly.

But then she gives you a hug and a big kiss and it all passes.  She’s going to be one of those girls that gets away with murder if we’re not careful.  Too cute, like this:

*Video:the little drummer girl

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