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Easter came in threes this year.  Much like last Halloween, we had an activity every day from Friday through Sunday.  There were egg hunts at daycare, the zoo, and home as well.  Rachel really seemed to get into it though.  She picked up on the eggs right away and figured out the whole basket thing as well (although we had to hold it for her initially).  She was particularly cute at the egg hunt at daycare.  She would get an egg and shake it to figure out whether there was candy or stickers inside.  She kept the candy ones of course.  She also went away from where all the other children were so she could have more eggs to herself.  Oh, and most of the eggs had to be purple :-)  It was a gorgeous spring day for the egg hunt at the zoo so the pictures came out pretty good so enjoy.  We didn’t take too many pictures of the one at home since we were both tired in the morning but the kids got plenty of sweets afterwards.  The home eggs were dyed by hand so Rachel had fun drawing on them and dunking them into the dye.  TTFN

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