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Pre-Christmas Update

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Rachel’s transitioned from an infant to a toddler.  She’s not really even toddling now, running is beginning to take shape.  We were playing chase with Sam the other day and she decided to join in the fun.  She’s also perfecting her run away techniques.  Luckily, she’s still working on curbs so she mostly stays on sidewalks.

Her personality is beginning to emerge as well.  The babbling is becoming words.  She can say everyone’s names, even though “mommy” took the longest.  Her favorite is to put her finger up to her mouth and go shhhh, no idea where that came from.  We’re still working on “up” and food words so she gets frustrated pretty easily.  When she does, she really lets you know it.  The tantrums range from crocodile tears to full blown fall on the ground crying and stomping her feet.  But then she will make up for it with the best hugs and lots of kisses.  I have a feeling she’s training up to be a drama queen.

Sam’s not excluded from her moods either.  Usually they play really well together and Rachel always wants to go into her brother’s room and see what’s going on but they are beginning to fight over the same toys.  We have plenty of toys that are age appropriate for Rachel but she won’t have anything to do with them.  She just wants to be a big girl and do what her brother is doing.  As much as she wants to play Hungry Hungry Hippos, she still puts the perfect choking-sized balls into her mouth.  Speaking of choking, Rachel really wants to eat like a big girl as well.  She really wants to drink from open cups and use utensils.  The other day, she used a spoon to get most of her yogurt to her mouth but the rest ended up in her hair, oh well.

The Christmas tree is up and she’s been surprisingly gentle with everything.  Mostly she just points to the ornaments and coos.  Her favorite mischief seems to be to pull down the stockings along with the five pound stocking hangers.  Luckily, no toddlers or others have been hurt yet.  I wonder what she’ll think of the presents when they come out.  We’re going to bake cookies pretty soon so I’m sure she’ll want to “help.”

Here’s some pictures of the little girl from Halloween and the Pumpkin Patch.