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Potty Numbers

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We went to our orientation at Rachel’s new Montessori school a few weeks ago and were a bit overwhelmed by the expectations they put forth.  The aim is to enable the full potential of the child but the no binky and no stuffy rules are going to be hard on Rachel.  Since then, we’ve started to put into practice some of the rules Rachel will have to follow in a few weeks.  For example, we’re offering to sit down with her or hold her hand rather than pick her up all the time.  We are also changing diapers standing up and letting her try to put on her own shoes.  We’ve also put the training potty top over the toilet.  The thought being Rachel has seen other people use the real toilet but not the training one.  I’m pleased to say that she’s gone potty on the real toiler twice now!  This after a few month of sitting on the training potty with no effect.

Rachel’s also started to repeat back number to us.  If we say 1, she’ll say 2; and so forth up to 4.  She’s also starting to repeat songs that Sam has made up, such as the No song and the I’m a Baby song.  This is probably just mimicry but encouraging all the same.  Our little girl is growing up fast and there will be lots of changes over the next few months.  Here’s hoping we’ll have some terrific twos!