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Christmas Videos

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Another update from Christmas, this time with videos!  Rachel had a lot of fun making cookies.  Well, really, just eating them.  She also liked some of her presents pretty well but the whole Christmas concept didn’t really make a lot of sense to her.  We also tried to go sledding with her; but after 30 minutes, she was ready for cocoa and a warm car.  Well, enjoy.


*Video:the most amazing puzzle

*Video:giffy the bouncer

*Video:it's cold outside!


5 months old

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Rae turned 5 months old at the beginning of March.  She grabs anything in her reach and puts it in her mouth.  She even tried to grab the camera when I took her 5 month pictures. She’s turning into a fun, happy baby that loves to explore her world.  The video is of her laughing, which is maybe one of the cutest things in the world.

[photosmash id=13]

In past couple of weeks, Rae had a huge developmental leap!  She learned to hold her own bottle, move around in her exersaucer, sit while propped up with a toy, started solid food, got her first and second teeth, and will stand if you hold just one of her hands.  She’s also starting to discover her feet and legs.  She’s really close to rolling onto her tummy from her back and now can really control her roll from her tummy to her back.  Just today, she reached for and successfully grabbed a toy in front of her while she was on her tummy.
[photosmash id=14]

Rae and Sam are starting to play together, particularly when she’s in her exersaucer.  The other night he was ringing a bell and giggling and had Rae giggling along with him.  Between her desire to play with her brother, her need to touch everything she sees, and the huge developmental leaps, it seems that we will have a very busy little girl on our hands in no time!

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The Phoenix Post

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We seem to have had everything that could go wrong with the web site go wrong lately.  In a month and a half, rachelyang.org has been hacked, had its domain registration get lost, and now had its hosting server go down with data loss.   Luckily, we had a backup of the site after the hacking (so maybe that was a good thing in retrospect) but we still lost about 5 posts.  Anyway, here’s the catchup post (thanks to a cached version from Google, whew).

4 Months

Sorry it has been a while since we updated – we had some problems with the website host.  That’s all fixed now and lots has been happening since we last updated.

First here’s some cute pictures with Rachel and Sam.  Rachel is wearing the gift we got from my office.

[photosmash id=9]

Rachel has really discovered her hands and that they are useful for things like taking out her pacifier, looking at it and putting it back in her mouth.  Sometimes it goes back in upside down (and she likes it that way!).  She has even started transferring toys between her hands.

[photosmash id=11]

Rachel also turned 4 months old.  She weighed in at 14 lbs, 13 oz and gained an inch in length in two months.  She is now almost 26″ long.  I wasn’t able to get all of my usual pictures because she was a little cranky that day, so here’s a bonus one of us outside on a sunny day.  Her face is becoming very expressive. :D

[photosmash id=10]

16 weeks

Yes, it has been that long, our little girl isn’t so little anymore.  We are having her sleep in her own room now and so far, so good.  It’s really nice to be able to read in bed again and not worry about waking up the little one if I have to adjust the sheets.  She’s also turning into her giggly and chatty self again.  We are enjoying the good times for now, teeth are coming soon no doubt.


Rachel’s definitely coming into her own personality now.  She’s turning into a little flirt when you talk to her.  There’s lots of babbling and smiles and if you don’t pay enough attention to her, she will squeal until she gets your attention.  We’re still sleep challenged and she won’t sleep for more than 4 hours at night but at least there are moments like these.


1st week

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Things have been busy around here with Sam home but Rachel is doing just great.  She’s sleeping for 4 hour stretches now at night and making mommy and daddy very happy.  Her cord stump fell off and she got her first bath yesterday.  We learned from our experience with Sam and steamed up the bathroom first so it was nice and warm and she went through the whole bath without a cry :-)    Sam also really likes to help with Rachel, he rinsed her with his watering can and brought the boppy over to Adrianne yesterday when she was getting ready to nurse.

Here’s some good shots of Rachel with Grammy, Uncle Thomas, snuggled up with mommy, just hanging out, and pretty in pink courtesy of the grandparents.

Finally, here’s a video from the hospital for your enjoyment.

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Doctor and a Surprise

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I went to get my first checkup at the doctor on Mobday.  Everything was just fine.  I’ve stabilized at 8 lbs and 4 oz.  My head still hurts a little from the vacuum extraction but that should heal in a few weeks with no problem.  I’m also a bit jaundiced like my big brother but I should get over that too.

Yesterday daddy thought it would be a good idea to not have me wear a diaper so my bottom could air out.  He’s pretty crafty though, he handed me off to mommy without giving her a cover.  Then when mommy asked for a towel, I pooped on her.  Haha, that will teach them.  Oh and then I peed on the changing table while they were cleaning up my poop :-)

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